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Together, we can keep our communities strong by investing in our children.

ActivStars Outreach is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. That tax-exempt status means that all donations from companies or individuals are fully tax-deductible. ActivStars Outreach was formed exclusively to benefit youth and our communities across the nation. With your help, we offer a wide range of affordable, quality sports and recreational activities throughout the year.

Your tax-deductible donation to ActivStars Outreach is essentially an investment in your community and our nation’s youth and future.

Your donation makes a difference in the lives of children. Take action today.


Want your name or company on our All-Star Wall? Learn more about our Partner Program.



Together, we can offer exciting youth recreation programs that enrich lives.

Our partners are the reason ActivStars Outreach is able to provide youth sports programs and financial assistance to thousands of students each year. We are deeply grateful for their generosity and support in making our world a more enjoyable and welcoming place for youth in the local community.


Our partners show today’s youth that their community cares about them and wants to help them succeed. Partners help us with:

  • Class and event locations

  • Coach training programs

  • Providing youth programs in your community

  • Medal, ribbons, trophies, and more for semester-end competitions


Together, we can partner in creating strong communities and inspired youth.

ActivStars Outreach works with a wide range of volunteers around the country to create youth sports programs that allow our children to learn and grow inside safe, encouraging, and fun environments.

There are numerous opportunities available for volunteers to support our cause through outreach, fundraising, and more. Our success comes from our amazing volunteers.

By volunteering your time, you can make a difference in the lives of local youth.

ActivStars Outreach is always looking to grow the types of youth sports and activities we can offer. Currently, our programs in multiple states across the U.S. include karate, cheer, and soccer. All programs we offer are co-ed. Age range from 4-18.

Are you ready to help?

Your tax-deductible donation to ActivStars Outreach is essentially an investment in your community. These donations, along with proceeds from our fundraising activities, assist the continuing expansion of youth programs locally and across the nation.

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