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Cheerleading classes give students lessons on sports, fun, and safety as they learn cheers, chants, arm motions, pom-dance, and voice projection. Cheer improves physical fitness, teamwork, and spirit! Our kids also tell us that these programs provide them with a sense of team spirit, improved self-esteem, and even help them get ready for school tryouts.

Our ActivStars partners currently offer a wide range of cheer classes and activities designed to help students of all ages learn and grow in a positive environment. Coaches are experienced in training young athletes, and choreographing competition routines as students prepare for regional Cheer Competitions.


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ActivStars Outreach is always looking to grow the types of youth sports and activities we can offer. Currently, our programs in multiple states across the U.S. include cheer, karate, and soccer. All programs we offer are co-ed. Age range from 4-18. 

Are you ready to help?

Your tax-deductible donation to ActivStars Outreach is essentially an investment in your community. These donations, along with proceeds from our fundraising activities, assist the continuing expansion of youth programs locally and across the nation.

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